Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's National Rationalization Day!

Kevin realized he'd left the screen door carelessly ajar, and for this he would surely be punished. Still, there were no longer any leftovers moldering in the fridge, and Mom had never really approved of those old hunting trophies anyway.


Today also marks the launch of The Rhinoceros Boy's Lament Store on zazzle.com, accessible through the lovely widget panel to your right. You now have a one stop shop for Unholy Holiday ephemera and other high quality goodies.

Never again face Penguin Awareness Day without a gift to give!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Low-down on Long-winded Me

I had the pleasure this past Monday of talking with Mary Ann Scheuer at greatkidbooks.blogspot.com , a part of the Sydney Taylor Awards "blog tour" interview series. My 2009 title "The Yankee at the Seder," written by Elka Weber and published by Tricycle Press, was recently named a Sydney Taylor honor book by the Association of Jewish Libraries.

The interview, along with a plethora of related art, is posted over at greatkidbooks.blogspot.com.