Wednesday, September 19, 2007

National Collect Rocks Day

Really, it is. You should all head on out and celebrate.


John Nez said...

Durn good paintin' as usual!

I like that NPR painting too. Now if I was the editor, I'd have had them take out the two bare feet... they give one the impression of someone hanging down from above!

I like how you've used the light on the edges of forms to almost take the place of line... very painterly!


Janet said...

Wow! My 9 year old son is going to be so excited to hear this! He has many many pounds of rocks in his bedroom. The big thrill for him on our vacation was finding 3 petosky stones on the beach in Michigan, which is fossilized coral that's something like 300,000 years old.

BEAUTIFUL painting, by the way!