Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You are certainly not my neighbor's cat.

pen and ink, 5in. x 7 in.

That is, the skittish gray tabby we set the trap for
whose green eyes glared out at me
from beneath my shamefully uncool minivan.
You are not that cat.
Yet you return again and again,
drawn by a fly specked can of sun-warmed tuna
and hunkering silently in the corner of the cage
chagrined by your greed and gullibility perhaps.
Your gray coat reminds me of the wily mane
donned by an old writing professor of mine,
while your tail at a glance
resembles some ancient, exotic root vegetable.
And finally my friend,
if it must be pointed out,
your smell—
your smell is not spectacular.


John Nez said...

And the really scary thing about those possums is the noise they can produce in the middle of the night!!!

I swear I've never heard anything creepier... it's like the Hieronymous Bosch of animal noises. Sort of a growly, bubbly, hissing bizarre concoction of horribleness. It is possibly the scariest noise one could ever awaken to in the middle of the night!

I know, because they come into my neighbor's yard every once & a while... around 2 am.

Just right for Halloween...


Adam said...

They are charming little beasts, aren't they?

Apparently, during early exploration of N. America by Europeans, the possum was one of the discoveries that most intrigued and bewildered settlers, having never seen or heard anything quite like it before.

Andy J Smith illustration said...

A fox screaming at night is another gem, sure to cause a diaper change.

just wanted to say how much i dug the dog picture! The perspective of the tracks make a subtle triangle composition. Great stuff! Really makes me want a dog even more. First we need the house, so really makes me want a house even more!

Adam said...

Thanks, Andy!

My house actually made me wish I had a dog to keep me warm at night, you know, once the boiler blew out...