Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can you hold that?

I may not be able to speak for the rest of you
spouses of bookish young men
smudged with cadmium
and disheveled,
but it would seem to me
wearying to recline finally,
feet swollen and aching from the day's labors,
only to hear those four words,
four dreadful and dreaded words,
whispered from across the sofa,
or parlor,
or bedroom,
or table,
which seem to imply
that your reverie is not your own,
but your static sinews are now fodder
for the flights, frustrations, scrubbing and swearing
of that cadmium smudged and disheveled
bookish young man
to whom you swore for what remains of your life
virtuous patience and love
but above all,
it would seem now,


Phyllis Harris said...

Your work is so beautiful and so is your patient wife. ;o)

Sarah said...

I love the commentary, as well as being able to see your lovely wife from your point of view. :)

Janie Bynum said...

Adam: What a lovely tribute to your wife. And, dang, man, you're also quite the poet!

Ambera said...

such a beautiful and moody portrait. And a wonderful poem.

Adam said...

Thanks, ever'one.

dugbuddy said...

Beautiful work sir, you do have the touch. -db

Adam said...

Thanks a bundle, everyone.

Karen Lee said...

It's gorgeous Adam and so is the poem. But the four words... are they "I have a headache"? Or am a totally thick?


Adam said...

Oops, maybe I was too cryptic. The four words are "Can you hold that?", which is usually the last thing a loved one hears from me before I start doodling.

Anni Matsick said...

Adam, this is such wonderful work, the combination of poem and painting!
No, not too cryptic; the poem preserves the oft' heard line among figure painters, fleshing it out (oops, pun!) beautifully.