Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What do Pete Mitchell, Bryan Ballinger, Doug Bell, Adam Gustavson, Roger Cruz, Karen Jones Lee, Jeremy Vanhoozer, Josh Addessi, Janee Trasler, Paul Conrad, Chuck Vollmer, Cole Phillips, Wout Schildermans, Lilian Carmine, Sarah Bodnar, Micah Lanier and Andi Butler all have in common?

I'm glad you asked. Why, they're all featured in the comic anthology Dead Anyway, a charming and virtually bottomless assortment of zombie stories.

And it's available for pre-order HERE.

Cute zombies! Fairy zombies! Carny zombies! Child zombies! Culinary reality show zombies! Zombie stories of love, loss, redemption and even the occasional western.

And, of course, existentialist zombies. Here's page one of my contribution the pantheon.

 13 x 19 inches. Pencil and gouache on paper, 2012.

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