Thursday, August 2, 2007

A fine whine.

oil on paper, 20x26. 2007

Back in March, I was asked to volunteer a piece for the 2008 National Public Radio calendar, under the theme of "what NPR means to me." Past calendars included art from Gary Kelley and Brad Holland. I was flattered.

Above is a view of my studio. Milling about or sharing their particular gifts and insights are a midwestern pig farmer, a (female) marine, a hyperventilating businessman, a jazz pianist, as well as the performance artist Marina Abramovic, whose feet dangle from the ceiling. Paris Hilton remains safely oustide. We don't let her in.

The whole thing didn't really go as planned. This isn't the painting as it appears in the NPR 2007-08 calendar, for a number of reasons that I probably shouldn't get into...talking shop can get tedious even when it doesn't involve whining tantrums.


Sarah said...

Ooh - love it! And congrats! (But I am curious about what the edited version looks like...)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's criminal how art, be it illustrations or words, are borne out of fun, love, inspiration....only to be "edited" by those who think they know better. Speaking of kicking and screaming, this marks my first ever comment on a blog!

Adam said...

I have two hundred of the edited version in my living room.


Anonymous said...

That's such a cool concept. I can't believe they didn't go for it. Every morning when I drive to work I have Teri Gross and her interviewees in the back seat keeping me company.