Thursday, August 2, 2007


oil on canvas, 12x16. 2007

I had the opportunity this past weekend to participate in a nifty art opening at the Wired Gallery in Bethlehem PA.

Although I've exhibited there before, I wasn't actually in the current show, which is dedicated to some really nice contemporary pop art. I was one of three artists set up in the midst of the crowd painting this young lady, who had borrowed her striking wardrobe from the racks of the nearby "POPMart" clothing and accoutrement store.

Lots of fun... Even the nice old lady who let me know that while the face was lovely, I'd "lost it" when it came to painting the lower leg area. "Mmm," I said. I'm never sure what the right response is at a moment like that, so I toasted her with my complementary mini-can of Budweiser. "You could be right."

And here I was worried about its flagrant aura of academia...


Breadwig said...

How cool. Wonderful painting. I don't know if I'd be up for painting in front of a gallery crowd. Although I do doodle during meetings. Does that count?

Great to see your blog Adam, I'll be checking back.


John Nez said...

Happy to see you've started bloggin'....

Why does one blog? Because no one else will listen!


Just be careful it doesn't become a self fulfilling obsession.... that's something to be on the lookout for.



B. Johansen Newman said...

Welcome to the blog world--now watch as it becomes all consuming.....

I like the painting! Even the legs.


June said...

I love that story of the lady commenting on your painting. How you handled the comment so well... I wish I had been there.
All looks pretty darned good to me.

Hemingway's Lounge said...

Very very Hopper-esque ...

At least that's how it seems to my writer eyes.

And I LOVE Hopper btw.

great work

Adam said...

Looove Hopper.

Merci buckets, y'all.