Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some three hour paintings.

oil on canvas, 12 x 16. 2008

I started taking a painting class at the Art Students' League in New York this past month; as of today, two of the paintings have even dried. I'm plugging away at a picture book deadline till May, and thought I could use a visit back to the land of fundamentals with some intense observation and improvisation thrown in for good measure. Hopefully this will help keep the studio paintings from looking too stale as I dig in further.


Breadwig said...

Beautiful. I especially love the second one. 3 hours huh? Sheesh.

Doug Chayka said...

cool that you are doing a class, Adam. I bet it will give your book project a nice boost. Lovely drawings, and I had to laugh about the "miserly" comfort of the futon in your poem. I can relate!

Adam said...

Merci buckets, gents.