Saturday, July 19, 2008

A nifty collaboration with the KLUTZ folks.

Why do I suspect this was one of the coolest jobs ever in the history of ever?

Well, when else but when working on a spread for "The 15 Greatest Board Games in the World" would I get paid to paint a kangaroo driving a Karmann Ghia through the Outback?

The car was originally slated to be baby blue, until the design team alerted me to the fact that the make and model I'd chosen was serendipitously the same driven by their editor, only hers was green.

Infomercial painting tip: If you ever feel moved to change a sports car in an oil painting from baby blue to a dusty 1970's green in less than a day, I highly recommend putting down a thin glaze of Schmincke brand "Indian Yellow." I bought a tube of it sometime around 1995, and until this painting had not figured out what on earth to use it for. It's very transparent, has no tinting strength at all, and is really too cheap to be worth returning, to expensive to throw out.


Breadwig said...

the pogo-stick. Nice. Great illustration!

Vicki said...

Pretty awesome! I love all of the signs.

It must be fun to work with a company whose products you used as a kid (not that I'm sure you did!). I had Klutz's juggling kit, and I think some sort of Koosh ball activity booklet. How they came up with enough Koosh activities to fill a booklet is beyond me.

Adam said...

My cousin had the juggling book. I had the harmonica book. I wasn't tremendously coordinated as a tike. :)

And yeah, they are resourceful and relentless in their research, methinks. A whole book of Koosh? Zounds.

Andy J Smith illustration said...

That's so weird--mine's green too. Well, ONE of them is. My other Ghia is fire engine red. So cook that you hooked up with these guys! Klutz does some fun stuff and these illustrations are proof of it.

Sarah said...

"2HIP 2HOP"... har!