Monday, May 23, 2011

I'll tell you what it's for in a year.

oil on paper, 15.5" x 22"

But to be fair, here are a few hints: it's not about badminton, and it doesn't take place in the future.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps there is a way to pre-pre-order this item? I suspect that my daughter will find it of great interest.
She is pictured here hot dogging it up as Abner Doubleday for her fourth grade biography project.
I, being a renowned artist, crafted the moustache.

Great stuff, as usual.

Adam said...

Man, where was that costume when I was trying to put together all my photo reference? I sure could have used a research assistant.

I'll make sure I brag sufficiently when the preorder information becomes available.

Thanks, Jay.